Sony KDL-55W900A Review – 55-Inch 240Hz 1080p 3D Internet LED HDTV

This TV is absolutely amazing! I did literally months of research to find the best deal I could, and this is it. This TV is the best LED TV you can buy, hands down. It even beats out the overpriced Samsung models that try to compare in quality. The quantum dot display technology does really make the difference. If you want to see the magic for yourself, just go to a bestbuy with a magnolia center and you can see this TV next to all the other higher end televisions. The colors on this TV are way deeper than anything else in the room. I get compliments on my tv all the time because of how great the color is and how deep and inky the blacks are. It really does measure up to the best plasma tv’s when it comes to the black levels. The local dimming feature of this TV really helps out with the blacks as well. The 240 refresh rate is also very very nice. I have not had to adjust this at all out of the box. It just works, like it should.

For the gamers out there who are looking for the best tv for their games, this is it, and if you are any sort of a actual dedicated gamer you would know that a big concern for you is the input lag. Typical monitors run anywhere between 3/ms and 20/ms lag depending on what kind you have. TV’s are way worse averaging between 30/ms-60/ms lag making playing games on them frustrating at best. I don’t believe that gaming should be a chore, so one thing I researched was input lag. This TV has an input lag of 17/ms!! I could tell right away the big difference the lack of input lag has. The only way to find less input lag is to either buy the Sony 802A which has about 16m/s lag, or go buy an actual computer monitor. There is no other TV out there with less input lag. Since this model is far superior in every other way to the 802A, I decided to give up that 1m/s difference. I think the TRILUMINOS display will be the best way to get the most out of your brand new Playstation 4 and it’s awesome graphics! You are going to need a serious TV to handle the next-gen consoles.

The picture quality is crisp and clean, EVEN when you attach a computer. As with most other televisions, as soon as you hook up a computer to display on your tv, the resolution gets shotty at best and you are left with a crummy picture, especially when trying to read text. The Sony 900A looks amazing. I am actually writing this review with the 900A as my monitor, sitting 8 ft. away, and I can read this just fine with zero zoom applied.

Speakers are okay. If you are going to use this TV right, then you already know that an separate surround sound set up is your best bet. I actually use the built in speakers myself, but I can see the potential with a separate system.

The design of the TV is spectacular as well. There is a very thin edge and a nice aqua blue bezel accent on the very edge that is subtle and gives the tv a bit of a luxurious feel. Who else can say their TV is blue, and looks good at the same time…only if they have a Sony. Sony offers a few other models with this same feature as well. The stand is shiny chrome which I find very nice and not distracting at all. The stand also allows for left and right swivel.

There are 4 HDMI and 3 USB hookups on the back in various spots. It comes with 2 remotes, both of which can do the same things, but the smaller remote is great because it has only the most important buttons. Makes for a slick design that is easy to use. The functions of the full remote can be found after a few clicks on the smaller remote. The tv hooked up very easy to my internet too.

This tv comes with 4 Active 3D glasses. Let me stress this…ACTIVE 3D!! I have done research into the passive and active 3D realm for a while now and I just can’t understand why anyone would buy a TV with passive 3D technology. This Sony 900A has active 3D, Thank you Sony for doing this right. Active 3D allows for full 1080p resolution during 3D viewing. Passive uses half of that because it needs to split the picture to create the 3D effect. Actually it uses all 1080p but you get half the resolution in each eye. Why buy a kick ass TV for half the quality of resolution. Then, some people go on to say that the active 3D glasses are heavy and they hurt to wear, boo hoo…and some even say they are loud and they can hear the shutter noise during quite parts of the movie… BULL$#!%…Technology has figured out how to make the active 3d glasses weigh practically the same as the passive glasses, and I muted my TV to see if I could hear the shutter noise. There was none. These glasses are comfortable and silent. The only way to do 3D right is by going active instead of passive. Don’t let the TV salesman at the store, or the company advertisements tell you otherwise.

As a side note, the 3D on this tv is great! You can even adjust how dramatic it is and the tv can even turn non 3d content into 3d content automatically. This is a very cool feature if you are into the whole 3D thing. Also, This TV lets you play Full Screen 2 player using the 3D Active technology. Just put on the glasses and adjust the setting appropriately and this tv will allow both players to look at the same full screen, but only see their own display. Quite the feat and It looks good too. My brother and I were shocked when we were playing against each other.

The 900A comes with a wide variety of apps, with the most popular included, Neflix, Hulu, Prime, Ect…

For those that are glued to their phones all day, you will be pleased to hear that it is very easy to connect your smartphone to the 900A. For example, you can load up a video on youtube, and play it on your tv from your phone. You can view your pictures that you have saved on your phone as well. They get displayed in all their glory on 55 inches of real estate. Sony also has a remote control app that you can download on to your phone and it will hook up your smartphone to control your TV with all the functions of the regular Sony remotes. It’s pretty sweet actually and the app itself is smooth and looks great.

There is still more to say about the 900A, but the bulk of the important stuff is above. I really did do a lot of work comparing TV’s and I am so glad I went with this one. This TV just works, like it should as advertised, it is truly amazing in every aspect. It is the Rolls Royce of LED Televisions and I know there is not a better one out there, I checked.

Review by Steven D. (amazon verified buyer), November 10, 2013. To read more Sony KDL-55W900A reviews click here.