Best TV For Gaming 2014

If you’re like me, the kind of person which likes to play video games, you’d probably wonder what is the best TV for gaming?

For console gaming, you’d preferably want a big screen TV, and here are a few reasons:

  • when you play split games with your friends you can enjoy a larger image.
  • if you’re a kinect player, where you’re the controller you’d want the controlled character to look as closest to the human size as possible.
  • a larger screen will make you feel you’re in the center of the action and allows you to immerse more easily into the game world.
  • most games, but especially sports games, driving games and even MMORPGs are awesome when played on big screens.

How big? is up to you and your budget, but I would recommend to go for 50-inches and bigger TVs.

If you’re a PC gamer, and you want to hook up a TV to your gaming rig, keep in mind that FPS and RTS games are actually harder to play on big screen TVs and you might want to stick with the standard PC monitors for this type of games.

Now, what exactly makes a TV good for gaming? Following I’ve listed the most important features that you want to look for in an HDTV if you are a gamer:

  • Refresh Rate – is measured in Hz and represents the number of times per second an HDTV is going to update the picture on screen. For gaming you’d want to get an HDTV with at least 120Hz for clear smooth motion. 
  • Resolution - most console games have a native output signal of 1280×720p, but you still want to get a full HD TV (1920x1080p) as you’d probably want to watch some full HD content when you’re not playing games.If you want to go extreme, consider the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs!
  • Panel Type – if you’re going to connect it to your PC get an LCD-Led TV, for consoles you can get either a LCD-Led TV or a Plasma TV, it’s up to your preferences.
  • Ports – connecting your gaming console to the TV requires only an HDMI input port, but make sure the TV set has at least 2 HDMI input ports, preferably 3 or 4 as you’d most likely want to connect any other devices you may have, like a PC, blu-ray player or a surround system.
  • 3D – some gamers prefer 3d gaming as is the most immersive experience you can get playing video games. Remember that for 3d gaming you will also need a console/graphics card with support for 3D games and the 3D glasses.

Sony KDL-55W900A 55-Inch 240Hz 1080p 3D HDTV

Sony KDL-55W900A 55-Inch 240Hz 1080p 3D HDTV

The W900A produces a picture so realistic you might just forget you’re watching TV. Color, clarity and detail are at their best in everything you watch with Sony’s exclusive X-Reality PRO picture processing technology. The new TRILUMINOS display presents a wider range and more brilliant colors than ever seen on a TV before. Other features, like built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility put you in control, so can enjoy even more entertainment.

Customer Review: I bought this TV on June 27 so I’ve had it for about 4 months. I wanted to wait to review it until the “excitement” of a new purchase wore off and also to make sure there were no “bugs” that I didn’t notice right away.

This TV is amazing. The color is fantastic. Triluminous works on any signal – there is no special content needed – it works on TV, Blu Ray, everything. I don’t personally do any gaming so I can’t speak to that but professional reviewers say it’s excellent for gaming. For regular TV it’s very impressive – especially on certain channels that your cable / FIOS provider doesn’t compress. Sometimes it really looks like you are on the set – it’s incredible. For Blu Ray it’s equally impressive – I’ve watched all kinds of content on my Oppo and it looks so good.

I am not detracting from the review for this but there is one thing I wish Sony had done differently – and that is to make the Eco setting accessible with just two clicks – I like to turn Eco off during the day and then turn it on at night when it’s dark in the house. When Eco is off it blasts your eyeballs – which is fine in a bright house. My old Sony had a similar feature that was very easy to get to. It’s tolerable but not as easy as it should be.

The price is a little high but I have no regrets. It performs like a champ and I was willing to pay a bit of a premium for what I knew to be a good TV. Read more customer reviews!

Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV

Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV

Whether it’s your voice or a simple hand gesture, with the new Ultra-Slim Samsung Smart TV F8000, controlling your TV is easier than ever before. You can talk to your TV in more natural ways such as asking, “What action movies are on”, or you can perform all the basic commands such as “record”, “last channel” and “turn on”. You can also use hand gestures to browse the new intuitive Smart Hub, a central, easy-to-navigate hub of all your favorite content. You can even use gestures to use apps, play games and more. Samsung has also made it easier to keep up with the latest technology. The new Smart Evolution Kit updates your TV with new software, so you can keep enjoying new features without having to get a new TV. Discover how the new F8000 can keep up with both you, and the ever-changing world of technology.

Customer Review: The Samsung UN55F8000 is an amazing unit. The setup was simple I had this thing up and running and working with Amazon streaming Netflix’s and Pandora in no time. The picture quality is stunning! The tv provides great clarity even in a bright room. I could barely watch my last LCD TV in the day time in my living room because of the glare. With this new Samsung and it’s anti-glare coating I am actually having no issues during the day. The colors really are vivid and the blacks are great now as well. The price is a bit high … but Samsung is delivering great quality! Read more customer reviews!

Panasonic TC-P60VT60 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma TV

Panasonic TC-P60VT60 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV

Add an elegant touch to your living room VIERA TVs offer the best possible picture quality — achieving rich and robust blacks, high moving-picture resolution, smooth and velvety gradation, and vibrant colors. With stunning images and state-of-the-art design, VIERA TVs bring a special ambience to your living room.

2013 Panasonic TVs are focused on sleek, minimalist designs, where unncessary elements are stripped away to highlight the awe-inspiring images on screen. The VT60 has one sheet of glass and a slim metal frame. Embedded side speakers with advanced surround effect technology produce superb HD sound. Additionally, you can turn virtually any 2D content into 3D, and this TV is THX 3D certified, so you’ll get cinema-like images in both formats.

Customer Review: I’ve had the 60 inch model of the VT60 for just about 2 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with it. Initially, I was looking at purchasing the ST60 series, but when I saw this TV go on sale for just a couple hundred more than the ST60, I decided to splurge and use the money I had planned on spending on speakers and go for the VT60 model. The colors are incredible and the black levels are outstanding. I’ve been watching a mix of Cable TV, streaming content, BluRay movies, and Blu-Ray 3-D, some Xbox 360 gaming and I’m continually impressed. The depth of the 3D is better than I had imagined, since I wasn’t able to view this TV at any retail store. They all said they don’t have them on display because of cost. Lame excuse, but with all the positive reviews I decided to make the purchase. Only negative I can think of on this is that I wish it had 4 HDMI ports instead of just the 3, but that’s a minor issue. [...]

As far as the 3-D glasses are concerned, the included pair have been used in watching two movies in addition to a more expensive and rechargeable Panasonic branded pair. I also purchased a $20 Samsung pair. Comparing each of them, they all seem to display the picture in the same quality, so it’s just a matter of comfort. I have prescription glasses, so the Samsung 3-D glasses fit over my glasses better than the others. Those without glasses seem to like the fit of the rechargeable Panasonic 3-D glasses better. Read more customer reviews!

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